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Pillar #4

Pillar #4

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Chettinad house pillars were made from different materials like wood, bronze, marble depending on the financial status and artistic aspirations of the owner. But irrespective of anything, more so than a medium to express the artistical affinities of the Chettiars, the pillars were necessary to support the gigantic structures that the mansions are. These were the visible backbones of the Chettinad houses. Imagine the stories of love, families, feuds, weddings, and so much more that would have happened around these pillars in those times? The PILLARS series is a submission to this engineering marvel and the emotions hidden within these tall lifelines.

  • Mounted and Framed Artist Signed prints; 24” by 36”
  • Edition of 10
  • Printed on Hahnemuhle Pearl 320 gsm acid-free inkjet paper


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